The Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation, (formerly, the Rural Electrification Corporation ) a state corporation established under the Energy Act, 2019, is mandated to enhance provision of electricity in the rural areas of the country as well as develop, manage and promote the use of renewable energy in Kenya. Through its mandate, the Corporation seeks to improve the socio-economic well-being of Kenyans living in rural areas as well as develop cheap alternatives to sources of energy through the promotion of renewable energy. Since commencing operations in the 2008/09 financial year, the Corporation has endeavored to realize this objective and through its efforts, 70% of all the public facilities have been electrified. Moving forward, the Corporation will put more focus on renewable energy to provide electricity to areas far away from the national grid network. The Corporation is looking for highly experienced, motivated and results oriented individuals to fill vacancies in the organization. The applicants must be self-driven individuals who are focused and committed to driving the Corporation towards achieving its mandate. They will work with their departmental teams in spearheading/embracing innovations, work ethics and must possess high level of integrity.

Applications are invited from professionals who meet ALL the minimum qualifications for the following positions:


1. Principal Supply Chain Management Officer, REA 4 (1 Post)

Duties and Responsibilities

a) Assist in providing secretariat services to the Disposal Committee;
b) Coordinating periodic stock taking, control, audit and interpreting the reports;
c) Consolidating periodic stores returns;
d) Maintaining an up-to-date database of the Board’s assets;
e) Coordinating preparation and management of inventory control register;
f) Implementing inventory and assets management techniques and approaches;
g) Developing and overseeing implementation of asset management systems;
h) Monitoring implementation of asset acquisition and disposal plans;
i) Maintaining assets register, transfer and valuation;
j) Reviewing of Supply Chain Manual;
k) Ensuring proper maintenance of an up-to-date assets database; and
l) Complying with Procurement Act.

Requirements for Appointment

a) Served in the grade of Senior Supply Chain Management Officer for a minimum period of three (3) years;
b) Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines:- Procurement and Supply Chain Management; Purchasing and Supplies Management; Supply Chain Management; Procurement and Contract Management; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Procurement and Logistics Management or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;
c) Master’s degree relevant field;
d) Have Certificate in Management Course lasting not less than three (3) weeks from a recognized institution;
e) Have Certificate in computer applications from a recognized institution;
f) Have full membership to a professional body; and
g) Have demonstrated outstanding professional competence in supply chain management work;
h) Demonstrate values of governance as provided in the Constitution of Kenya;
i) Meets the provisions of chapter six of the Constitution.